Data Strategy

Understand how to best leverage the rapid growth in data sources & volumes available to your organization.

Determine how best to manage, govern and secure your organizational data.

Unsure the appropriate organisational framework for managing data effectively.

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Leverage both existing and new forms of data to provide additional business insight and value to your organization.

Ensure you have the appropriate analytics technologies for your needs.

Ensure you have the appropriate processes in place to support advanced analytics.

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Safeguard valuable business data and minimize existential risks to the organization.

Ensure you stay current on potential threats and how to deal with them.

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“What gets measured, gets managed.”

Peter Drucker- “the founder of modern management”

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

Tim Berners-Lee- inventor of the WWW

we focus on data

The rapid growth of Cloud Computing, “Big Data”, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), Social Media and other new data sources has changed the way organizations MUST manage data.

Analytics technologies are developing rapidly – gone are the days when a backward-looking Data Warehouse, updated infrequently – was state-of-the art in analytics terms. Real-time analysis for “Operational Intelligence” or infrastructure security now offer unprecedented possibilities to use data in innovative ways.

However, finding the signal in the noise among all these data is still a challenge for most organizations and moving to this new analytics world requires thought and planning. The fact that more and more data is now housed outside the traditional IT unit – indeed outside the whole organization – also has significant organizational and governence implications for those responsible for safeguarding the organization’s data.

With the increasing reliance on data, organizations now face new threats and risks. Cybercrime is on the increase and as the value of data increases, so too does the existential risk to an organization should key data be compromised or stolen.

At fortexx consulting our passion is strategizing, managing, analyzing and safeguarding organizational data. We can assist your organization on your journey through the rapidly changing world of data, analytics and Cybersecurity.

We offer you a no-charge call or on-site visit in the Chicagoland area to discuss your needs and plans in these areas…

All you need to do is set aside some time.  After our discussions, we will determine together how to best proceed.